Martyn's Law

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Martyn's Law: Improving Public Venue Security in the UK

In response to devastating terrorist attacks worldwide, including those in the UK, the government has strengthened counter-terrorism measures to enhance safety and security in public spaces. One significant measure is Martyn's Law, named after Martyn Hett, who was killed in the Manchester Arena bombing in May 2017.

The Origins of Martyn's Law

Martyn Hett was a popular social media personality and Ariana Grande fan attending her concert at Manchester Arena when the bomb detonated. Following his death, Martyn's mother, Figen Murray, campaigned for better security at public events such as concert halls, sports stadiums, and other large gathering places. Her efforts resulted in the introduction of Martyn's Law to enhance safety and prevent future terrorist attacks.

What is Martyn's Law?

Martyn's Law mandates that all public venues implement measures to mitigate terrorist attack risks. This includes conducting risk assessments, developing and implementing appropriate security measures, and training staff to respond to potential incidents. The law applies to various venues, from concert halls and sports stadiums to museums, galleries, places of worship, community centres, and local markets.

Protective Security Advisor

A key requirement of Martyn's Law is for venues to appoint a named individual responsible for security. This person, known as a Protective Security Advisor, must possess the necessary skills and training to effectively carry out the role. They are responsible for conducting risk assessments, developing security plans, and ensuring staff training and preparedness for potential incidents.

Security Measures and Response Procedures

Venues must also develop and implement a range of security measures, including physical security measures like barriers and bollards, and electronic security measures such as CCTV and access control systems. Additionally, venues must have procedures in place for responding to potential incidents, including evacuation plans and emergency communication protocols.

Impact and Implementation of Martyn's Law

Martyn's Law represents a significant step towards improving safety and security in public spaces across the UK. By requiring venues to adopt a proactive approach to security, the law aims to prevent future terrorist attacks and allow the public to enjoy these spaces confidently.

Though not yet in force, the UK government is committed to introducing the legislation as soon as possible. Once implemented, it will be a legal requirement for all public venues to comply with Martyn's Law provisions.


Martyn's Law exemplifies how tragedy can lead to positive change. Figen Murray transformed her grief into action, creating a lasting legacy for her son and making the world a safer place for everyone.